• Virtual Dog Training

    Get professional training without leaving home! We offer virtual training for anything from puppy socialization, basic obedience to anxiety and aggression.

    Day Training

    Day Training is a great option if you'd prefer to leave the training to the professionals. It's also a perfect option to help keep your dog busy if you are away at work for long hours throughout the day.

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    Dog Behaviour Consultations

    Whether you're dealing with fear, anxiety, aggression or just wanting to get rid of unwanted behaviours- we can help!

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    Cat Behaviour Consultations

    We specialize in cat behaviour! With over 14 years of experience, we can help you solve any behaviour issue you might be experiencing with your feline friend!

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    Dog Walking

    Private walks, pack walks or even adventures on the trails. We offer it all for your dog.

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  • Premiere Pet services in Cobourg, Port Hope & Northumberland

    Dog training, cat behaviour, dog walking, puppy socialization, kitty visits... we offer it all at Train Play Love. We are insured, bonded and certified professionals with over 14 years of experience. Our training philosophy utilizes positive reinforcement while establishing a trusting bond with your pet. 

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  • Dog Walking

    Dog Walking

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    Private Training

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    Day Training

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    Behaviour Consultation

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    Virtual Consultations

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