• Looking for ways to keep your cat entertained? Enrichment doesn't need to be expensive or complicated! In this article, we'll cover some simple ways you can add some excitement into your cats life (without breaking the bank).


  • Fill baby socks with catnip and tie a knot on the top for a fun and fresh catnip toy.

  • Old Amazon boxes can be used for a lot of fun cat enrichment! Poke a few paw sized holes in the box and place some toys or treats inside.

    You can also sprinkle some catnip inside an old box and watch your cat go crazy.

  • Don't throw out old toilet paper rolls! Fill with some catnip or treats, fold in the ends and poke some holes in the side. Your cat will have a blast knocking it around and bunny kicking it!

  • Take old strings from Hoodies or Jackets and use it as an interactive toy to encourage your cat to chase and pounce. 

  • If you enjoy having birds around, you could have bird feeders set up outside your windows or you could set up some "Cat TV". There are several videos available on Youtube that are actually hours and hours of videos for cats. If you have a Smart TV or a Roku, you can easily play these videos right on your TV.