What is it?

    Canine Good Neighbour is an non-competitive 12 step evaluation that determines your dogs obedience, handler-dog relationship and evaluates good manners at home and in public. Find more information regarding the program and testing facilities here


    This 4 week course is designed to teach you and your dog the foundation for acing the exam.

     Location: Knights of Columbus Hall- 1 Elias Street, Port Hope

    Start Date: Tuesday January 7th, 2020 @ 8pm

    Number of classes: 4 (classes will run each Tuesday for 4 weeks)

    Cost: $140

    Capacity: 4*

    *Please note that classes are limited to ensure quality instruction and feed back.

    Who should attend? This course is open for all levels

    Classes will focus on:

    1. Accepting a Friendly Stranger

    2. Polity Accepts petting

    3. Appearance and Grooming

    4. Out for a walk

    5. Walking Through a Crowd

    6. Sit/ Down and Stay in place

    7. Come when called

    8. Calm down after Praise/Interaction

    9. Reaction to a passing dog

    10. Reacting to distractions

    11. Supervised Isolation

    12. Walking through a door/gate



    - All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations including dewormer at the start of class. Proof of vaccination is required prior to the start of class.

    - For the safety of all students, dogs may not exhibit aggression towards people or other dogs.

    - Willingness to train using positive reinforcement and treats for each class.

    - This is an advanced class. Dogs should already be familiar with the use of verbal markers, have a grasp of basic skills including leash walking, stay, settle on a mat and recall.

    - Prong collars electronic collars and choke chains are not permitted within group classes. If this is your preferred equipment of choice, you're more than welcome to attend but dogs must be on alternative equipment while in classes. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this particular requirement.

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