• We are the only certified trainer in Cobourg that also offers consultations for cats!

    With over a decade of experience working professionally with cats, we've seen it all! If you'e located within our service area, we can offer a private in-home lesson. If you are out of our service area, we also offer virtual consultations through Skype or Zoom.

     Some of the most common issues we help with include:

    • Litter box issues
    • Furniture-scratching
    • Fear and anxiety
    • Human directed aggression
    • Aggression directed towards other animals in the home
    • Undesirable behaviours (excessive vocalization, counter-surfing, destructive behaviours, and more)
    • Clicker training for cats
    • Low-stress restraint and handling techniques for grooming, nail trims and providing medication
    • Making vet visits Fear Free



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