• Dogs and Fireworks- Advice and Tips on how to get through them

    Lucy returned home to find flashing lights, police and a crowd of people on her front lawn. Panic set through her and her heart thumped out of her chest. She rushed over and with a lump in her throat, asked what was happening. The police were called [...]

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    What is Clicker Training a Animal?

    "Clicker training" is an animal training method based on behavioral psychology that relies on marking desirable behavior and rewarding it.  Desirable behavior is usually marked by using a "clicker," a mechanical device that makes a short, [...]

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    What is Fear Free

    Fear Free is designed to reduce fear, anxiety and stress during veterinary visits and procedures. By taking into careful consideration an animals emotional needs, veterinary visits actually begin well before the veterinarian meets the animal. Things [...]

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