• Yoga, Goats and puppies! I've been thinking about trying out Yoga for months and when I stumbled across the chance to try it with goats, I was signed up in minutes!

    Haute Goat farm just outside of Port Hope. The class was just $30 with lots of availability to choose from. The farm is quite large with plenty of trails to explore and different farm animals to visit including Horses and Alpacas.




  • We had a nice small class size with plenty of space under the trees (huge bonus as it was mid afternoon and quite hot in the sun). They opened up the gates and there must have been over 20 goats of all different sizes rushing in to greet us.

    What I didn't realize up until this point is that we were lucky enough to have a few farm puppies joining us for the class as well. 

    I'll be honest, I didn't learn much about Yoga during the hour I was there but I think this experience has definitely given me a really positive experience so far!

  • Overall, I would recommend this experience to anybody! And even if Yoga isn't your thing, Haute Goat Farm offers other experiences with their animals including a "Shmurgle" where you literally pay to snuggle and mingle with the goats and some of the other farm animals while learning about the farm.